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mabe tyre_shrine

Y’all know how we love us some Elvis around here, like all right thinkin’ folks do, don’tcha? Well, here’s a thing about The King. We been fair set to reelin’ by the very idea of this duet from beyond the grave with Barbara damn Streisand. I mean, I don’t know that I can bring myself to face that full on. Who stands still for this types of shit, y’know? It’s disgusting. I mean, Randy kinda likes her a little, I have on the other hand had to be bluntly an abruptly silenced on the subject. “Tell me, you did not just bad-mouth Barbara Streisand in a gay bar? My Lord! What is wrong with you?” My protector cried. I was forgetting myself and grateful for his counsel. Mighty strong cocktails in that place. Anyways just about everytime I go to post anything about Elvis on here I heads on out into the wilder reaches an darker corners of the interwebs looking for Joni Mabe: The Elvis Babe. I’ve generally found that to be a hard and lonely journey and been disappointed in my searches. Did I just imagine her?


I surely did not y’all. A good many years ago I came across her Travelling Panoramic Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis, and I have the goddamn book to prove it. Joni is an Elvis collector and also the maker of some pretty great Elvis art, she claims to have made her first Elvis piece on the day he passed on, Walked Dem Golden Stairs up to The Man In The Sky and so on. Why, I pondered, does this amazing collection not have any kind of an online home? Somewhere I can direct like minded folks to check out its wonders? Well, eventually I resorted to taking a bunch of pictures from my own copy of her book. You’re looking at them right now, the book ‘Everything Elvis’ is still available for not much money from those apalling tax dodging amazon sons o’bitches should you wish to get hold of a copy. It’s sure to brighten any home and it offers hope in your dark times too.


So, yeah. I amde them photo’s and I let them set around some too. now that I eventually come to share them with you I thought I’d go looking for Joni again. This time friends, I finally done tracked her down. Still don’t appear to be no online record of her collection and work but it has stopped touring about. Seems as Joni inherited an already historic old boarding house from her family and it now doubles as a museum for her Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis as well. This is the Loudermilk Boarding House Museum in Georgia. It looks like an amazing place to stay/visit if’n you’re around that way. Anyway, here’s some more of Joni’s great artwork and a couple of links, the news clip is definitely worth checking out.



Loudermilk Boarding House Museum, facebook

you can watch a local news piece about it with Joni here






Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee

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Stagger Box 1

What with Earl being down in Birmingham and me up here in Newcastle, it felt time that I should get my own thing going. So while Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club is still a thing – we’re DJ life partners, yo! – I’ll be doing my own nights in Newcastle, Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee, starting on September 13th.

They’ll be at the brand spanking new Tyneside Cinema Bar Cafe on Pilgrim Street and they won’t be a million miles from what the Stagger Casts and the Old Record Club DJ gigs have been like – a mess of soul and country and ska and reggae and blues and rockabilly and gospel and garage and girl groups and funk and calypso and swing and cajun and jazz and whatever the hell else. There’ll be a radio show too, on good ole Basic FM, starting tomorrow (August 1st) at 10pm, in the slot that Sweethearts Of The Radio used to fill.

I’ll still be posting the shows here, and all the other crap as per usual, but you can find out all about Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee here.

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Rob Heron And The Teapad Album Launch

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here’s my review of the Tea Pad launch party that didn’t make it into Narc this month
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra / Martyn Roper – The Cluny, July 11th
The Ouseburn Delta was shining like Martyn Roper’s National guitar, as one very dapper half of the Leeds City Stompers took us through a remarkably jaunty and good-natured set of classic blues and country songs (Blind Boy Fuller covers to the fore). He seemed happy to be there, even if he was often drowned out by the gleefully drunk and raucous crowd there for the headliners (many of whom seem to have arrived en masse from Rob Heron’s Cumbrian home).
Heron and his Tea Pad Orchestra seemed even more happy to be there, which considering the affection from the very partisan crowd and the fact that it was a launch for their excellent second album, is entirely understandable. Augmented in places by a brass section, the band sounded better than ever and played with an energy I’d not yet seen (I swear at one point Heron was on his knees wrenching feedback from his guitar, but that could have been the cider).  Newish drummer Paul Archibald’s jazz background really has added some swing to their sound and everyone took their solos with a grin and a flourish. A storming cover of Professor Longhair’s Mardi Gras In New Orleans left the crowd roaring their approval. It would be a mistake to let our familiarity with the Tea Pad Orchestra blind us to just how good they are right now.

On My Way Home Again

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Sweethearts 17


Last Friday Basic FM broadcast the last Sweethearts Of The Radio. Show number 17 – On My Way Home Again – will be the final one before a new show, Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee, takes over in a couple of weeks (but don’t worry, it will include lots of country).

You can download Sweethearts Of The Radio #17 here or stream it here

Here’s what was played:

  1.  Southern Culture On The Skids – Meximelt

  2.  Texas Tornados – Rosalita

  3.  Los Lobos – Malaque

  4.  David Eugene Edwards & Crippled Black Phoenix - Just Like A Mexican Love

  5. Cowboy Copas – Three Strikes & You’re Out

  6. The Devil Makes Three  – Forty Days

  7.  The Balfa Brothers – Casey Jones

  8. Cisco Houston – Diamond Joe

  9. Al Dexter & His Troopers – Pistol Packin’ Mama

  10. The Everly Brothers – I’m On My Way Home Again

  11. New Riders Of A Purple Sage – Glendale Train

  12. Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers – Valentine King

  13.  The Gourds - The New Way Of Grievin’ & Smokin’

  14. Jason Ringenberg With Steve Earle – Bible & A Gun

  15.  The Travelling Band – Angel Of The Morning |TB?

  16. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Last Song About Satan

  17. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club -Mark Of Vaccination

  18. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club -Port Authority Band

  19. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club -Children Of The Lord

  20. Garlic – Not Over Yet

  21. Micah P Hinson & The Gospel Progress – The Possibilities

  22. Ryan Adams – Answering Bell

  23. Morton Valence – Clouds

  24. Singing Adams – St Thomas (Band Version)

  25. Joe South – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

  26. Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra – Crazy Country Fool

  27. Moon Mullican – I Left My Heart In Texas

  28. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys – The Devil Ain’t Lazy

  29. Merle Travis – Dark As A Dungeon

  30. Hank Williams – My Son Calls Another Man Daddy

  31. Sons Of The Pioneers – You’ll Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry

  32. Ron Sexsmith – Gold In Them Hills

  33. Rebecca Gates – The Ballad Of Billy Joe

  34. Josephine Foster – Magenta

Dance Critters

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Sweethearts 16

Sweethearts Of The Radio #16 – Dance Critters had at its heart a four pack of The Delines – who I saw last month at Jumpin’ Hot Jamboree and totally blew me away – and Richmond Fontaine, the band The Delines grew out of and who’d I’d never listened to before, which was a mistake.  There’s the usual mix of old classics, new releases and oddities and a trio of tracks from Jack White‘s Third Man label.

You can download Sweethearts Of The Radio #16 here or stream it here

01 Robbie Fulks – She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died)

02 Colorblind James Experience – Dance Critters

03 Sturgill Simpson – Long White Line

04 Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys – Road Signs

05 Del McCoury & The Dixie Pals – Take Me To The Mountains

06 Jimmie Rodgers – Train Whistle Blues

07 Evelyn Evelyn – You Only Want Me Cause You Want My Sister

08 Neil Young – Beautiful Bluebird

09 The Walkabouts – Polly

10 Lucinda Williams – One Night Stands

11 Tarnation – Halfway To Madness

12 Mirel Wagner – The Devil’s Tongue

13 The Arlenes – Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone

14 Drive By Truckers – 18 Wheels Of Love

15 Goldrush – Best Intentions

16 The Delines – The Oil Rigs At Night

17 The Delines – Colfax Ave

18 Richmond Fontaine – Polaroid

19 Richmond Fontaine – The Mechanic’s Life

20 The Byrds – I Am A Pilgrim

21 The Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito #1

22 Ryan Adams ft Emmylou Harris – Oh My Sweet Carolina

23 The Texas Tornados – Cowboy Peyton Place

24 Becky & John – I’ll Be There If You Ever Want

25 Holly Golightly ft The Brokeoffs – No Big Thing

26 The Pernice Brothers – Crestfallen

27 Lullaby For The Working Class – Show Me How The Robots Dance

28 Wilco – Wishful Thinking

29 Frank Fairfield – Duncan Brady

30 Palace Brothers – Oh Lord Are You In Need

31 The Haden Triplets – Slowly

32 Robert Love – Below The Wire

33 Firehose – In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotten

I’ve Been Everywhere

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Sweethearts 15


Sweethearts Of The Radio #15 was the usual hotchpotch of the new, the old, the classic and the weird. There was a selection of Dolly tracks there in the middle cos Randy got to see her live last week (she was great, despite the cheese, the popcorn and the brawling lasses) – this was before she played to 100,000 people at Glastonbury.

You can download Sweethearts 15 here or stream it here


Here’s what was played:

  1. Alabama 3 – Two Heads

  2. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

  3. Piney Gir – Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye

  4. Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City

  5. Emmylou Harris – Wrecking Ball

  6. Jimmie Revard & His Okahoma Playboys – Dirty Dog

  7. Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys – Blue Moon Of Kentucky

  8. The Carter Family – Keep On The Sunny Side

  9. The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers – Be On My Way

  10. The Cedars – Extrication Row

  11. Wooden Wand – More From The Mountain

  12. Merle Haggard – The Sermon On The Mount

  13. Old Crow Medicine Show – Big Time In The Jungle

  14. JD Crowe & The New South – The Old Home Place

  15. Jack Rose – Lick Mountain Ramble

  16. William Elliot Whitmore – Cold And Dead

  17. Pine Hill Haints – I Wish I Was A Jack-O-Fire

  18. Menlo Park – Cochon Cochon

  19. Dolly Parton – Don’t Think Twice

  20. Dolly Parton – The Seeker

  21. Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner – Sweet Harmony

  22. Dolly Parton – 40 Miles From Poplar Bluff

  23. Jerry Jeff Walker – Mr Bojangles

  24. The Walkabouts – Loom Of The Land

  25. Jim & Jennie & The Pinetops – My Grey & Fading Dreams

  26. Big Star – The Ballad Of El Goodo

  27. Hot Club Of Cowtown – Deed I Do

  28. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon – Love Me, I’m A Liberal

  29. Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere

  30. Golden Smog – Backstreet Girl

  31. Rebecca Pronsky – Day Of The Dead

  32. John Prine – Christmas In Prison

  33. The Denver Broncos UK – Top Yourself

  34. Angel Olsen – High & Wild

  35. Smog – A Guiding Light

  36. Sons Of The Pioneers – Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild Wild Women

  37. The Rosinators – Oblivion

  38. John Barry – Midnight Cowboy

Jumpin' Hot Jamboree 2014 (1)




I See A Darkness

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Sweethearts 14

Sweethearts Of The Radio #14: I See A Darkness includes new music from Marisa Anderson and The Green Rock River Band (again – because their new album is fantastic) and all manner of stuff from the vaults – from Sweden to Texas, Australia to Sheffield; from stompin’ hillbilly music to scratchy 1920s porch music.

You can download Sweethearts #14 here or stream it here

01 Marisa Anderson – The Battle Hymn Of The Republic

02 Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – Blood On The Bluegrass

03 Southern Tenant Folk Union – A Little Deeper

04 Green Rock River Band – Drink Here Til I Die

05 Bad Livers – Wild Bill Jones (Live)

06 Kinky Friedman – Highway Cafe

07 Webb Pierce – Back Street Affair

08 Ween – Piss Up A Rope

09 Waylon Jennings – San Francisco Mabel Joy

10 Two Nice Girls – I Spent My :ast $10 (On Birth Control & Beer)

11 Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper – Elvis Is Everywhere

12 Elvis Presley – Polk Salad Annie

13 Baskery – Out Of Towner

14 The Long Ryders – Final Wild Son

15 The Maybelles – Caleb Meyer

16 Laura Cantrell – Cowboy On The Moon

17 Gillian Welch & Nora Jones – How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?

18 Nick Cave – Ramblin’ Mind

19 DM Bob & The Deficits – Slide Of Your Satin Sheets

20 Watts & Wilson – The Sporting Cowboy

21 Bascam Lamar Lunsford – I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground

22 Silver Jews – Black & Brown Blues

23 Vic Chesnutt – Gravity Of The Situation

24 Jason Isbell – Live Oak

25 Owen Tromans – Guru Femmes

26 She & Him – This Is Not A Test

27 Jack White – Temporary Ground

28 American Music Club – Johnny Mathis’ Feet

29 Pixies – Havalina

30 Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness

31 The Watson Twins – Snow Canyons

32 Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch - I’ll Fly Away

33 Dickon Hinchcliffe – Fair & Tender Ladies

34 Tindersticks – Kathleen

25 Richard Hawley – Coming Home


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