happy 100th to Rev. Howard Finster

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It’s the centenary of the birth of Howard Finster, Man of vision, world’s minister of folk art, great southern eccentric – and that seems a pretty good excuse to pause and take a little look at some of his work, turn our backs on the hell of the past year and ponder the quieter more peaceful world he built in his Paradise Garden. You might not share the Reverend’s faith but he brought a message of hope and goodwill through his singular vision bringing beauty and joy to the world. Here’s an old video clip of a wander through the garden ( there’s a whole lot more that type thing on there if you wanna go looking. Damn it looks warm in that video, the Georgia heat sure feels a long way off today). Bearing in mind the season we also got a page from his book of The Night Before Christmas there and a old one of our shows that features a good deal of Howard down at the bottom.


Here’s an old mix from when we done the gospel an medicine show, including the title track from the album ‘The Night Howard Finster Got Saved’. It’s a pretty unique recording friends, a long free form tape collage type deal and it features Howard singin’ some gospel numbers and preachin’ some and generally exhorting us all to stay away from hell and such built up in layers with what sounds like crowd recordings and someone (maybe Howard) preachin’ through a bullhorn and so on. The full thing is about 25 mins long and filled with righteous fire!

If you somehow managed to avoid him on your journey so far we’re real pleased to introduce you.


s-l640Elvis Presley – In My Father’s House
Blind Boys Of Alabama – Our Fathers’ Praying Ground
The R.B Gospel Singers – Father, I Pray
Etta James – To My Father’s House
The Winstons – Color Him Father
Aubrey Ghent – Father In Jesus’ Name
Hubert Cunningham – In My Father’s House
Bishop Perry Tillis – Heavenly Father
Blind Boys Of Alabama – Father I Stretch Out My Hands To Thee
Howard Finster – The Night Howard Finster Got Saved


In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2


paradise garden foundation


Mumblin Earl’s Christmas Cracker

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Okay friends let’s get this up and out there. About late November people start poking about in old posts on this blog looking for some festive fun, so here’s a new link for last year’s christmas mix and so on.Last year I hit the christmas drinks stash a little early and pretty firmly and I got to messing about playing some records. I cooked up this mix for everybody to enjoy,  whole c90’s worth I been blastin’ out the tape deck in the truck. It has about everything from the sweet voice of darling miss Caitlin Rose all the way back to some crackly old blues from Lil’ McClintock. Kinky Freidman’s go at ‘Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis’ pops up, it’s growing on me y’know, Tom hisself is here reading a beautiful piece from Bukowski and in the second half we got a bunch of all out, solid gold, Old Record Club classics, ‘Elephant For Christmas’, ‘Merry Christmas From The Family’, ‘Christmas Tree On Fire’, the demented ‘Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas’ and rounding out with the killer one-two punch of Big Star and Darlene Love. If’n that ain’t Christmas then I don’t know what. So, best wishes to you and yours for the holidays, click the big red title if you wanna download it and spread the love or just stream it here. Whatcha think Nancy wants from Mr. T for Christmas?  “This ain’t the kinda cracker I had in mind”

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Vince Guaraldi Trio  –  Christmas Is Coming
Porter Wagoner  –  Frosty The Snowman
Jack Scott  –  There’s Trouble Brewin’
Caitlin Rose with Keegan DeWitt  –  You Never Come Home For Christmas
Lil McClintock  –  Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus
Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers  –  Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn
Youngsters  –  Christmas in Jail
Kinky Friedman  –  A Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets  –  Children Go Where I Send Thee
Violent Femmes  –  Happy New Year Next Year
Esther Phillips  –  Far Away Christmas Blues
Eddie Hazelwood  –  Blue Shadows On A White Christmas Tree
Frontier Ruckus  –  Christmas Eve, Driving Home
Tom Waits  –  Nirvana
Mark Kozelek  –  Do You Hear What I Hear?
Brian Setzer Orchestra  –  Angels We Have Heard on High
Rudi and the Rain Dearz  –  Santa’s New Bag
Hank Thompson  –  I’d Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas
Loretta Lynn  –  I Won’t Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Hank Snow  –  Reindeer boogie
Johnny Cash  –  Little Drummer Boy
Michelle Cody  –  Merry Christmas Elvis
El Vez  –  Santa Claus Is Sometimes Brown
Robert Earl Keen  –  Merry Christmas From The Family
Arthur Lyman  –  Mele Kalikimaka
Los Straightjackets  –  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Holly Golightly  –  Christmas Tree On Fire
Rev. Glen Armstrong  –  Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas
Ramsey Lewis  –  Christmas Blues
Patsy Raye  –  Beatnik’s Wish
Staple Singers  –  Silent Night
Big Star  –  Jesus Christ
Darlene Love  –  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Just Because. . .

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See as it’s already the first of December then. How in the hell did that happen? We’re gonna ease real gentle into the seasonal hoo-hah with a song that just mentions ol’ sandy claws in passing. Expect y’all are familiar with the King’s version and Gram’s and so on. All types of folks done this song, an old workhorse but it opens with the bitter, killer line ‘Just because you think you’re so pretty…’ and you know folks are going to always want to sing that. On a bluegrass tip their version is less frantic and twanging than the Stanley Brothers, it’s actually the second version ever recorded and the brothers first single for Decca although the writing credit seems to be dubious.

If’n you ain’t started in already you may now begin drinking hard right through to 2017…

Mr Stagger Lee Hits The Town

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While I neglect the Old Record Club, y’all oughtta know I am out there doing this and that and whatnot. And writing about it on one of the other blogs. Here’s some words about a bunch of gigs I’ve got coming up  you might want to know about




Black Angel Drifter

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We need to talk about Black Angel Drifter. To be honest, I can’t hardly believe we haven’t already.

Black Angel Drifter is Hacker and Anne from Morton Valence – and you KNOW how much Brother Earl and I love Morton Valence –  with some new compadres, and it seems it’s a one album  / one gig kinda deal. The gig has already happened – sorry – but the album is out there and it’s a wonderful thing.

I reviewed it for Narc Magazine and said this:


“Steeped in gothic country and Morricone soundtracks, Black Angel Drifter … take the ‘urban country’ vibe of recent MV releases but head off into the desert, vultures circling and revolvers cracking. Often augmented by found sounds and concrète soundscapes, the songs here are still rooted in the South London underbelly which has long been their milieu, full of lowlifes, priests and losers. A Bad Seeds, chain gang vibe permeates Sister Pain, Lead On is a drunken funeral march, a remarkable cover of Dylan’s Man In The Long Black Coat is an unexpected centrepiece and throughout it all there’s Hacker and Anne’s heart-breaking, weary duets and harmonies.


I like the idea of a hit-and-run one off, but then I also like the idea of hearing lots more like this. It’s a head-scratcher.

Happy Turkey Day

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Happy Birthday Dr. John! Where y’at?

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The good doctor is 76 today. There he is up top just a young ‘un still in medical school, clean shaven, full fingered and guitar strummin’. We wish him much love and health. Typically everyone be goin’ fer some deep voodoo or blues pianee to mark the occasion. Here’s somethin’ of an oddity from his heavily medicated 80’s. ‘Jet Set’ is the electric boogaloo type thing, the doc workin’ with Sugarhill Gang feller Duke Bootee. It’s an oddity, almost a novelty record but there’s plenty to love about it especially in the amazing time capsule NYC video. He shuffles about panhandling and singing ’bout travelling the world as one of the Jet Set. Yeah, we got b-boys and graffiti and a strong ‘Trading Places’ vibe, and the doc lookin’ sort of forlorn in a burned out Pinto with ‘mo-fo’ sprayed on the side of it. Hip Hop seemed a break with everything back in the day, but a little further down the line you could see how The Furious Five owed so much of their thing to George Clinton, and with that added perspective this little diversion seems entirely in keeping y’know? Doc’s most recent record is a tribute to Satchmo that he’s still touring, it’s got a version of ‘Mack the Knife’ with Mike Ladd on it. Hell yeah, “Fuck the Majesticons!”. Some of y’all gonna need to go google. I wait.

In terms of oddness he recorded ‘Bare Necessities’ for the ‘Jungle Book’ reboot and there’s an odd remix of it by Idris Elba who did voice work on the movie. Best thing about it is the weird mash of things that have come together there. Can’t say as it seems what you’d call a success. It somehow seems more dated than ‘Jet Set’. How’s that be workin’? Hoodoo is how. Have to confess I ain’t payed the Satch record much attention, it being one of them ‘cast of a thousand stars’ type deals. There’s a similar thing celebrating Mac hisself out too from a live show at the Saenger in New Orleans a couple years ago, bunch of folks singin’ his tunes. He’s on it, but I ain’t real sure about that one neither. So it goes. His last studio album of his own stuff  ‘Locked Down’ was amazing, so I ain’t having it that he’s all washed up just yet, he just been a working musician since his teens and I don’t think the guy knows how to stop.

Down here is a mix from a good while back, inspired by his incredible ‘Going Back To New Orleans’ album – all kind of good stuff from the man himself and others on there, kicks off with Louis Armstrong funny enough.