I Heard The Voice Of A Kickstarter

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Randy Hickey here. I want to tell you about my love for Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Yr Mama Big Band.

It is almost without measure.

Their drinking’n’dancing old-time good-time jugband hokum skiffle country blues makes my heart sing and makes the booze go down easy.

Anyhoo, they’re releasing their debut album soon. It’s called I Heard The Voice Of A Doughnut. It’s wonderful.

This is where you come in. They want to release it on vinyl but that’s expensive so they’ve set up a Kickstarter to fund it. You can find that here and you should back them.

Here’s why:

  1. They’re brilliant.
  2. Everything sounds better on vinyl.
  3. They’re from Bristol but they’re not a crappy electro-swing band…
  4. … or some sort of Balkan gypsy ska.
  5. If they don’t hit the target, April will be sad. I’ve never see April being sad. I don’t ever want to see April being sad. April is the happiest person I’ve ever met.
  6. Trust me, it really is a brilliant album.

You know what to do.




Git Right With God

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Hey there friends, it’s Easter Sunday how you all been? It’s that special time of year when we remember how a magic bunny rabbit laid a giant chocolate egg and our lord and saviour the baby Jesus hatched right out of it. We thought we should roll off of the couch this Sunday and dig out a couple shows from when we did the gospel radio medicine show thing a year or two back. This is some sweet sounds right here people packed with goodness, we got sister Mavis who just put out another great record and Freakwater who just come back from out of the wilderness too. That ain’t even nearly the half of it neither – get down and get with Jesus.

Chaplain Eshelman & Rev. Frank Butler  –  Introduction and Opening Prayer
Merle Haggard  –  I’ll Be List’ning
Leon Payne  –  Golden Harvest
Blue Ridge Rangers  –  Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Rev. John Wilkins  –  I Want You To Help Me
Johnny Cash  –  1 Corinthians 15:55
The Handsome Family  –  Ain’t No Grave
Freakwater  –  Washed In The Blood
Moses Mason  –  Go Wash In That Beautiful Stream
Merle Haggard & The San Quentin Garden Chapel Choir – The Old Rugged Cross                                     Treme Brass Band  –  The Old Rugged Cross
The Staple Singers  –  Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen
Rev. Utah Smith  –  Two Wings
Two Gospel Keys  –  I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore
Cora Fluker –  Dry Bones In The Valley
Rev. Graves  –  Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)
Mavis Staples  –  Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Rev. Louis Overstreet  –  I’m Working On A Building

Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!

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Kinda hard to believe Cash would only be 84 today he seems so eternal or elemental, or something. What else can you say about him? Thanks Johnny.



Pitcher of Margaritas For Brunch?

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why not? It’s Mardi gras day friends and time to cut loose and shake whatcha mama gave ya and all that. It’s be fair to say we ain’t got a whole lot to add this year. Ain’t quitting nothing for lent neither, c’mon. What we can throw you from our virtual float rather than a bunch of plastic crap is a solid few hours worth of suitable tunes to accompany your revelry. Summat like 3 1/2 hours of solid gold N’awlins jams here from way back when with Satch to right up recent, We gots a big ol’ pot of Jazz, R’n’B, Funk, Brass Bands, soul and hot sauce. Why you got hot sauce in yer bag? Who’d go anyplace that didn’t have it? That’s what I’ma asking. Mixcloud links, download links under ’em if you want to go cruisin’ or such

original gumbo





buddy bolden


Brother Earl on the ones and twos

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freight train

Here then friends is the stream of Earl’s recent guest spot on Night Train for you to enjoy over at your leisure. A solid half hour of top tunes old and new, pretty rockin’ too. Here’s a tracklisting as well you lucky, lucky peoples. Having got his mojo back there might be something more substantial mix wise coming soon (said mojo is kinda in need of some maintenance) may even post something on here that ain’t a birthday or whatever. 2015 was a pretty quiet one for the old record club but theres notions of a busier 2016 that have made it out of January intact so, y’know, watch the skies…

you have been listening to…

JD McPherson  –  Mother of Lies
Jimmy Ricks & The Raves  –  Daddy Rollin’ Stone
Little Willie John  –  I’m Shakin’
Holly Golightly  –  Stopped My Heart
Elton Anderson  –  Sick and Tired
Roosevelt Nettles  –  Heartaches And Troubles
Slim Harpo  –  Shake Your Hips
Lester Robertson  –  Boogie Children
Joe Tex  –  Ain’t It A Mess
Dumas King  –  Loose Eel
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages  –  Rock and Roll Baby
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake  –  Zulu As Kono
Big Mama Thornton  –  Wade In The Water


kathleened copy

All Aboard!

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Friends, about now The Night Train radio show is kicking off and this week it features a guest mix from our very own Mumblin’ Brother Earl. If’n you happen to be local to Sheffield you’re in luck – just turn that dial to 93.2 FM and enjoy. I appreciate as most of you probably ain’t but you can do the modern interwebs radio thing over HERE. I expect it’ll be in the second half of the show (11-1 every Thursday) and what it is is a packed half hour of rockin’ tunes old and new- JD McPherson! Holly Golightly! Little Willie John! Slim Harpo! and so on and such like. Don’t fancy staying up past midnight for my nonsense? Never fear, it’ll pitch up sooner or later on the mixcloud just like our mixes do. They updated the thing this very week to include all of January’s shows so far, check them out too, they got guest spots from Soul Jazz Records, Beans On Toast, Variety Social Club and so on. We’re in good company.

Night Train’s a mean wine. I should say that we ain’t drank it in a long while and I hope there ain’t ever the need again.


Happy Birthday Dolly!

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Dolly+Parton+70s_Smile_2 copy

Hell, I hope it ain’t all just birthdays and deaths around here y’know? Still, seems Dolly done beat the current round of the grim reaper’s ill temper. Charmed the son of a gun I shouldn’t wonder. Everybody loves Dolly don’t they? Damn straight. Here friends is a real old an early tune that I surely love, it’s in a different, kinda girl group style. A lost gem. Then of course we should take the opportunity to put up brother Randy’s tune, from ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’

cover[2] copy


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