I’ll Tie My Tie…

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How have I never heard or seen this before?


Funny How Things Pass You By 

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Like Randy and Earl’s favourite country singer (we agreed about all that, Earl?) covering Randy’s favourite Dillard And Clark song (at a Daniel Romano show!)

Life is good, friends 

Here Come The Belgians

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How you been friends? We been having a ‘tropical’ sorta summer hereabouts with sunshine and downpours taking it in turns. Undaunted I’ma trying to get in a summer mood – bust out the hawaiian shirts and cocktails and such. Also feelin’ a lot more European than usual so here we got some Belgians on a Greek label bringin’ you a brand new record in a old time stylee. ‘Miles High’ is a surf instrumental thing on the clean, crisp end of that sound – always room for more surf music in my world. So, all you need to know is right there on the cover to be honest, a hula hoopin’ airhostess in 50’s -60’s stylin. I’m afraid the title track is cheesy in exactly the way you might fear but it’s sandwiched between the sprightly and fantastically named ‘Fiorella With The Umbrella’ and fabulous Morricone style western twanger ‘The Horse He Rode In On’ so they’re forgiven. It ain’t like this is serious music anyhow. Takes a curious but not completely disastrous turn on ‘Rajasthan Reggae’, yeah really, but mostly this is a blast of short bright, breezy, joy. Hostess, can I get another one of them drinks here?



R.I.P. Scotty Moore

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I Go To Bakeries All Day Long…

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… there’s a lack of sweetness in my life. Happy 65th to Jonathon Richman. So many great songs. I kinda ignored this song and the other gentler numbers on ‘The Modern Lovers’ for years because I was into ‘Pablo Picasso’ and ‘She Cracked’ and obviously ‘Roadrunner’ but they’ve become so much richer as we’ve both got older. It’s forty years since this record got released although ‘Hospital’ is actually from their first recording session in 1971. Jonathon is often praised for having an unaffected, childlike sorta take on the world which is fair and fine and true and all but here he is, not even out of his teens, writing these incredibly mature songs. Romantic for sure but very adult, by which I mean grown up and clear eyed in the way he sees things. It’s almost one of those tragic cases of the first thing someone did being the best although he’s lived up to it at least. Around the same time he also wrote ‘Roadrunner’ and that’s a deathless masterpiece, an iconic rock ‘n’ roll record for the ages. It always sounds amazing. Every. Damn. Time. you know? He’s got a new album out ‘Ishkode! Ishkode!’ which I’ve not heard yet but it don’t seem like he’s done singin’ and playin’ so let’s hope he keeps safe this year, y’know? He’s always meant a lot more to me than Bowie or Lemmy did if I’m honest.

read Laura Barton’s great essay about ‘Roadrunner’

I Heard The Voice Of A Kickstarter

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Randy Hickey here. I want to tell you about my love for Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Yr Mama Big Band.

It is almost without measure.

Their drinking’n’dancing old-time good-time jugband hokum skiffle country blues makes my heart sing and makes the booze go down easy.

Anyhoo, they’re releasing their debut album soon. It’s called I Heard The Voice Of A Doughnut. It’s wonderful.

This is where you come in. They want to release it on vinyl but that’s expensive so they’ve set up a Kickstarter to fund it. You can find that here and you should back them.

Here’s why:

  1. They’re brilliant.
  2. Everything sounds better on vinyl.
  3. They’re from Bristol but they’re not a crappy electro-swing band…
  4. … or some sort of Balkan gypsy ska.
  5. If they don’t hit the target, April will be sad. I’ve never see April being sad. I don’t ever want to see April being sad. April is the happiest person I’ve ever met.
  6. Trust me, it really is a brilliant album.

You know what to do.




Git Right With God

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Hey there friends, it’s Easter Sunday how you all been? It’s that special time of year when we remember how a magic bunny rabbit laid a giant chocolate egg and our lord and saviour the baby Jesus hatched right out of it. We thought we should roll off of the couch this Sunday and dig out a couple shows from when we did the gospel radio medicine show thing a year or two back. This is some sweet sounds right here people packed with goodness, we got sister Mavis who just put out another great record and Freakwater who just come back from out of the wilderness too. That ain’t even nearly the half of it neither – get down and get with Jesus.

Chaplain Eshelman & Rev. Frank Butler  –  Introduction and Opening Prayer
Merle Haggard  –  I’ll Be List’ning
Leon Payne  –  Golden Harvest
Blue Ridge Rangers  –  Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Rev. John Wilkins  –  I Want You To Help Me
Johnny Cash  –  1 Corinthians 15:55
The Handsome Family  –  Ain’t No Grave
Freakwater  –  Washed In The Blood
Moses Mason  –  Go Wash In That Beautiful Stream
Merle Haggard & The San Quentin Garden Chapel Choir – The Old Rugged Cross                                     Treme Brass Band  –  The Old Rugged Cross
The Staple Singers  –  Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen
Rev. Utah Smith  –  Two Wings
Two Gospel Keys  –  I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore
Cora Fluker –  Dry Bones In The Valley
Rev. Graves  –  Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)
Mavis Staples  –  Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Rev. Louis Overstreet  –  I’m Working On A Building


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