What Would Elvis Do?

Why, he’d have a second breakfast of course, maybe three. Perhaps he’d buy you a cadillac ‘cos he was in a good mood. Here at the Old Record Club we’re drinkin’ coffee in our Elvis mug, wearing our Elvis t-Shirt and eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches as today is the King’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS! Over christmas I was given a belated birthday gift myself (I know – it’s complicated) of an inspirational sign bearing the message that titles this post. It’s a wonderful thing, and a handy question to ask yourself when it comes to those many, many conundrums in life both big and small. Not that Elvis was what you’d call infallible. “Another doughnut?” – Oh go on then. “Rhinestone Jumpsuit sir?”  Hmmm, that could be where the system breaks down a bit but then, it ain’t an everyday deal. I reckon Randy could rock one mind, he’s a flashy dresser…randy-earl-elvis-web

There’s not a whole lot to say about Elvis that ain’t been said before and I doubt it’ll come as a suprise to anyone that we love him here. The Old Record Club position is straightforward – If you don’t have Elvis’ music in your house than you’ve no right to call it a home. I was going to post a link for those of you who need to straighten out your lives to buy some but have you seen the stuff on amazon? man it’ll make your head spin. Seems you can get your Elvis hit in about any form you care for, which brings us to this wonder of the confectioner’s art…

also, kinda, to the couple of tunes we’ve got for you here to chew on. Last year saw the release of Elvis Presley Vs Spankox, a whole album of remixes by an italian producer and sanctioned by the estate. Now, I’m not so sure this is a great idea myself. I don’t object in principal, I liked the ‘Little Less Conversation’ mix and I’ve not actually heard the Spankox stuff  but, well, is it just me or does it just seem like it’s going to be crap? I think there’s also a whole album with new orchestral backings as well although I may have imagined it. Anyway, it seems to me the best efforts at this sort of thing are likely to be the ones that never get official sanction. Here’s a couple of Elvis tunes and a couple of re-edits, mash-ups, whatever for you to make your minds up about. Crawfish is one of my very, very favourite Elvis tunes and comes from about the best of his movies King Creole which features a real plot and Elvis actually acting unlike a lot of the later movies. It’s also got Walter Matthau as the bad guy and New Orleans for the backdrop, what more do you need? Anyway I think Pilooski’s edit here is pretty good, stretching the track out and bumping up the percussion and that’s about it. The version of Crying in the Chapel is Elvis’s vocals over a backing by The Wailers. I can’t make my mind up whether it’s appalling or just unnecessary. It works suprisingly well though, see what you think.   


Crawfish (pilooski edit)                            

Crying In The Chapel

Crying In The Chapel (w/The Wailers)



buy yerselves some (more) Elvis : – 

 King Creole Soundtrack  – Elvis Gospel –  ’68 Comeback Specialness 

~ by stagger lee on January 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “What Would Elvis Do?”

  1. Hi,

    Would it be possible to book you guys for a DJ night in Brighton?

    If so, please get in touch via email!


  2. i wrote a song call WWED can i send u a copy of it?

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