A Date With Elvis


 Well, as a little bonus on the back of that there Elvis post here’s the lovely Miss Jackson. As just about everybody who knows, know, Wanda went out with Elvis for a bit. After being what’cha call ‘discovered’ by Hank Thompson (who gave us the wonderful ‘I’d Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas’) her very first tour, after she finished high school first mind, was as a young country singer with Thompson’s band on a package tour with Elvis on the bill. It was he who apparently convinced her to sing rockabilly, which she did very well in the 50’s before going back to country in the 60’s, then getting God and singing only gospel in the 70’s and 80’s before coming back ’round in her later years to singing a bit of everything. That’s about as quick as we can be ‘cos the real reason for this here post is just to put up this picture – check out Wanda’s hair! So if y’all want to read more you can check out her website, which is really pretty good, with all kindsa bells ‘n’ whistles and such. Here’s two fine tunes, although you’ll no doubt know ‘Gun’ from Earls’ Procrastinatin’ mix already. So anyways, A Date With Elvis was an Elvis album, then some time later the title was also used by the wonderful Cramps, an a while later still there they are helpin’ out Wanda on a new version of Funnel Of Love for her Heart Trouble album………confused you yet? this here’s the original version of ‘Funnel’…

Wanda Jackson – This Gun Don’t Care

Wanda Jackson – Funnel Of Love

buy you some Wanda –

A Date With Elvis –

~ by stagger lee on January 19, 2009.

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