Yes We Can



Well hell, the 21st century could finally be here then, don’t it just give you a good feelin’ not to be completely cynical about one of these guys for a change? Not only does this guy read books, he even wrote a couple. By hisself! Now ain’t that gonna make a change at the Whitehouse. Anyways, here’s a nice pic of the new man in charge of the whole ugly mess enjoying hisself a nice bowl of gumbo with some Louisiana hot sauce. Now I’m a Crystal man myself but Louisiana’s not bad, I really like the red, yellow and blue label on it. What? you want some informed political commentary? From us? Go watch the TV coverage and do your happy dance ‘cos this could be as good as 2009 gets people. If you ain’t been singing this tune to yerselves you should be, so here you go……

Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can        (buy)

~ by stagger lee on January 20, 2009.

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