Easter Monday/The Henry Brothers

Howdy folks, how y’all been keepin’? Some of y’all might bes aware of how brother Randy fell off the roof of the trailer try’na hook up some free satellite TV type deal for us and now he’s got enough metal in his leg that we just set him out on the porch sofa, hook his leg up to the TV and we get us a real sharp picture, oh yes, oh my. Every cloud brethren, every cloud. Meantime, this has kinda complicated certain matters for the old record club. Couple weeks back Earl ventured out alone to What’s Cookin’ where he shamefully kicked another DJ off the wonderful music machine in a vain attempt to hog the limelight for hisself. We’d like to apologise to Mr Slick Rick for the indignity and offer our thanks as ever to the wonderful Ramblin’ Steve for putting us on. Among the featured performers that evening were the wonderful Henry Brothers singing old timey songs of death and murder, with a smile. Here’s a clip of them doing just that about how ‘Death Is Only A Dream’ that we picked up off the satellite via Randy’s poor knee…

You can also listen to them at their myspace page on the information superhighway there.

Now. Being a determined kinda feller our Randy is hoping to be back behind the wheels of steel this coming holiday monday (April 13th) down at Brixton’s Windmill Bar & Lounge, where those self same Henry Brothers will feature on a packed bill of goodness topped by a Mr William Elliot Whitmore. It may be early days to promise we’ll definitely be there, but frankly we’re the least of the attractions so you should get down there anyways and, you know, Randy has kinda bent his mind towards it

Henry Brothers myspaceWindmill –  William Elliot Whitmore

~ by stagger lee on April 2, 2009.

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