Songs of Love & Death

Well now, this post is a lil’ late but we had good intentions and all so just hush up and say thank you like yer mama said you should. Most of y’all will already know The Handsome Family and how very wonderful they are. Making music rooted in american tradition but all their own, strange story songs filled with animals, the supernatural, drink, love, god, murder – all the good stuff.  Much loved here at the Old Record Club, (can it really be just a year since we were watching them with awe at Glastonbury?- more about that soon) they’ve put out a run of , dammit, near flawless albums that’s pretty much unparalleled and unprecedented among their peers, yes sir! If you’re new to them just start somewhere in the middle and work both ways – seriously now, you can’t go wrong. They just put out their eighth album, a collection of love songs in celebration of Brett and Rennie’s 20 year marriage and unique amongst their records for not featuring a single death. we’d like to congratulate the happy couple and celebrate a little here and make up for that low body count with three (yes three you lucky people) old-timey murder ballads Handsome style. Barbara Allen is from the Tiny hands EP and the live tunes are from different dates in Holland some time – all of it’s great but if you’re just gonna try one make it I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling, and if you cain’t get with that then you just don’t have no soul.

The Handsome Family – Barbara Allen

The Handsome Family – Banks Of The Ohio (live)

The Handsome Family – I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling (live)

click to buy on amazon

click to buy on amazon       buy their stuff

~ by stagger lee on May 14, 2009.

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