There Will Be Mud – Glastonbury 2009

OK, so, Glastonbury didn’t turn out to be quite the glorious return it might have been for the Old Record Club. Randy got sent back to jail, sorry, hospital and things got under way in less than ideal circumstances – We turned up 10 mins after they closed the gates and I was forced to kinda block the traffic and ‘forcefully make my case’ to even get us on site, then in a spookily accurate recreation of our worst fears it rained like the end of the world all night thursday making the site a bit of a mudfest by friday morning. Bah! nothing to trouble a veteran, undeterred Earl took to the decks and rocked the house (with a little assistance from Earl Jr. see below) even though they didn’t want to be rocked, just dry, at that point. Fortunately for all of us the rain kept away for the rest of the weekend and a fine time was had all round. Young Earl Jr. had a ball, we had to tear him away from the Arcadia stage after midnight “…but I haven’t finished dancing yet!” and so here’s a few of his pictures if you ever wondered what it looked like for the little guys….

No doubt you’ve read your fill about the festival in a more timely fashion than here, but it was suggested that we put up a mix based on the set from Glastonbury and that’ll be along shortly friends………….

~ by stagger lee on July 29, 2009.

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