New Records On The Jukebox

New Records_slv72

Well then, only took ’bout a month. That’s pretty good going in our world. New mix for you people! It was put forward, I think, by some folks hankerin’ on a new mix from us that we do something like the set from Glastonbury(ish) and that’s sorta what you have here.  It was easy enough to start with until it became clear the set had been packed with a good number of Randy & Earl favourites that pop up on the other mixes already, so I guess that kinda gives it the title. That and the fine Hank Thompson tune of that name in the middle there someplace. New old records I guess you’d say, if you wanted to be damn annoying about it. So, we had to do some listenin’ and we had to go off camping elsewhere and whatever, we’ve been engaged in an unofficial competition to see who can attend the poshest festival, I think Randy won but all results aren’t in yet. Still he’ll be doing it all for you at Endorse It! any day now and that ain’t posh or fancy, not in anybodies world, thank God. So, like I was saying, here’s the new mix, click the pic to get it, it comes in a lovely zip-up bag with the sleeve and tracklist for you to print out and cherish too if that takes yer fancy. The tracklist is also on the Mixes page if you wanna read it first – some famous names and some less so – all great stuff, have a good August friends.

~ by stagger lee on July 30, 2009.

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