Earl Has A Vision Of Elvis

Friends, I have to say that at first, it shook me, I was truly all shook up but now it seems I must share with you something extraordinary that has happened to me. You see, a couple months back I awoke on the sofa next to Randy where we had fallen to sleep. We’d been drinking, as is our custom. While my brother slumbered on my blurry eyes perceived a mysterious figure stood before the T.V. Fearing the worst I made to stand but fell back on my seat as he turned and I saw, that it was Elvis. Still handsome, in a jumpsuit and lei he stood before the velvet Elvis on our wall (ours is not like the one shown here above with Jesus sadly although we do have the Elvis and Nixon portrait in the kitchenette). He made to speak to me and tell me of his worries for myself and Randy.

It was emotional friends, I can tell you that. There were some specific things I’d rather not mention concerning the general mess we’d let things get into in our lives, he was pretty hurt we’d let his birthday slip by too come to think of it. He knocked on my ‘What Would Elvis Do?’ sign with his fat ringed hand and looked me in the eye “Son, have you been living up to this? Have you been walkin’ in the light of my truth?” I had to confess that I had not. Then he asked me “Boys, I know you for true believers, now what in the hell is going on here?” I had no answer for him and hung my head. He told me not to wake my brother but that his leg would be made whole again and that the two of us had better straighten up and fly right or else he’d be back and see why not. There was also a bunch of  hoodoo bisniss about the state of the world an stuff. Tell the truth, that kinda scared me and I couldn’t follow it too good. Still, he said to me “Earl, take care o’ business you heards me?”

in short Elvis came round to give us a kick in the ass. In my more cynical moments I wonder if should be taking this from a guy who died on the toilet from food/drug addiction but I know I  just need to put Satan behind me and move on. Y’all have seen already how the healing of his leg has reinvigorated Brother Randy and filled him with the spirit of holy revival. I promise too that I’ll try and walk in the light each day and we’ll be back with you friends to bring the word and the noise.

to begin here’s a couple of great, if less well known, tunes from the King himself. Feel the love, let it flow through you brothers and sisters.

I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water

Susan When She Tried

~ by stagger lee on March 5, 2010.

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