Randy & Earl Hit The Road

Last year was a bit of  slow one for Randy & Earl, we was crippled, wearied, battered and bruised. But the summer of 2010 is going to be very different. No state fairs or monster truck derbies lined up yet, but we are doing a whole heap of festivals:

Glastonbury Festival,
June 23-27th

Catch Randy & Earl in their favouritest juke joint, the Dance Village Pussy Parlure. To some it’s a spiegeltent, to us it’s a roadhouse. We’re gonna be squeezing in several sets across the weekend, usually around lunchtime. And hopefully popping up elsewhere (Slippery Dick’s, for example) so come say howdy. Rest of the time, reckon you’ll find us wandering around trying to find Dr John backstage hoping some of his hoodoo rubs off on us.

The Glade,
Matterley B0wl, July 15-18t
Not quite sure what all those face-painted kiddies make of our own special brand of entertainment down at the Glade, what with all that kerosene they seem to be huffin’ (why else would they dress like that?). But we’ll be there, on the Saturday, using southern blues and northern soul to fight off the psytrance. This is another stint in the Pussy Parlure on the spiegeltent.

The Secret Garden Party
some big field nr Huntingdon, July 22nd-25th

Not sure our dungarees and freshly-pressed bowling shirts are quite the thing here – everyone else seems to show up dressed as a French farmhouse or a sandwich or something – but it’s a whole heap of fun. We’ll be playing throughout the weekend at the Pussy Parlure Bar & Grill.

Endorse It! In Dorset
nr Sixpenny Handley, August 6th-8th

More about this one later, because for the fifth year Randy and Earl have their own stage all night long.

Beautiful Days
Ottery St Mary, Devon, August 20-22nd

Bit of a weird one for the Hickey Brothers. Lovely site, nice “vibe”, predominantly horrible music. But we’ll do our best to make up for all the folk-punk with some proper hillbilly stylings. Catch us in the ever-wonderful Pussy Parlure if you can’t catch us in the backstage bar, where we’ll be playing and drinking and drinking and playing and falling and playing and drinking and sleeping.

So that’s five festivals right there. There may even be more to come, time and money and bookings permitting.

~ by stagger lee on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Randy & Earl Hit The Road”

  1. […] the ever-expanding summer tour for Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club is listed here. […]

  2. Arse, will miss you again this year. One day I’ll catch up & buy you boys a tequila or 10. http://www.urban75.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=320528&highlight=jesus 😉

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