From Camden County To The Camden Crawl

must’ve been some mix-up when the Hickey brothers got booked for this one, sure is a long way from their very own Camden County to this other Camden up there in north London. But booked they are.

Sin City

Even a cleansing fire couldn’t totally wipe the goths off the map, but there’s still fun to be had in NW1 if you look for it.

This weekend sees the Camden Crawl take over even MORE local venues across the area and in a commendable broadside to the braying, skinny-jeaned oafs littering most of the stages, the ever-wonderful What’s Cookin‘ crew are hosting a night of proper music played by people in good clothes to drunk people also in good clothes. They’re taking over the lovely Enterprise pub for the Saturday night and have a top line-up:

  • Mr David Viner
  • Treetop Flyers
  • Kurran & The Wolfnotes
  • The Postelles.

And, of course, Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club, who will be spinning all sorts of country as well as a bit of garage, a smattering of folk, who knows?

As far as we know, you have to have a Crawl wristband to get in, but it might be worth checking with the venue if you want to just come to What’s Cookin’s bit. Come on down, it’ll be the most fun all night (although we won’t judge you too harshly if you sneak off for a bit to see Billy Childish).

There’s some decent free stuff on the Crawl Fringe too, such as the Primrose Chill, where Randy will definitely be checking out Redlands Palomino Co at 3pm before stumbling off to Out On The Floor Records to get ripped off on an Andre Williams album.

~ by stagger lee on April 28, 2010.

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