Frontier Ruckus

We’ve been loving Frontier Ruckus’ The Orion Songbook around here all last year. Randy especially, which is probably how he come to let his excitement get the better of him and said tuesday not wednesday. To be clear(er) Randy & Earl will be playing music and drinking beer before and after Frontier Ruckus take the stage at Brixton’s fabulous Windmill this coming WEDNESDAY 12TH MAY. Tickets is just £5.50!! but there’s only about 10 left, git over to wegottickets people! Meantime here’s a session they did for daytrotter a couple of months back…

silver fishes

spring terror nerves of the night mind

mona and emmy

it’s great and oughta get you in the mood like. If you’ve never even heard ’em check it out – they’re fantastic, bit like Neutral Milk Hotel but less manic and more folk. Or something, comparisons are tricky ‘cos they have their own thing going. Their formerly wonderful website seems to be closed up for renovations ahead of the summer’s new album Dead Malls and Night Falls so here’s their myspace.

~ by stagger lee on May 9, 2010.

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