Here’s To Taking It Easy

Friends, here is a thing of rare beauty. Phosphorescent’s new album – Here’s To Taking It Easy, now there’s a sentiment we can get behind. Folks this is the sound of summer, or Earl’s summer anyway. This is what I guess you’d call a country-rock record, it’s pretty 70’s in feel there but don’t let that scare you none, think of Neil Young and Gram Parsons, a lot of worn denim. Just give it a couple of chances and it’ll win your hearts. It sounds like late summer in California, like dappled light through the trees. This record makes me want to drink Dr Pepper and drive around town with the windows rolled down smoking cigareets. It’s lovely and I could go on ’bout it but probably as well if I don’t, so here’s a tune from it and a couple of older ones too. This here is his fifth album (the last one was an album of Willie Nelson covers yay!) but the first one with an actual band not just the one guy in his room. This seems to have made a difference but it’s hard to explain exactly how.

In Heaven, Sitting Down from Here’s To Taking It Easy

Wolves from Pride

Little pt.2 from A Hundred Times Or More

you can go here to buy his stuff but if you are lucky enough to still have a local record shop – go there instead OK?

~ by stagger lee on May 19, 2010.

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