North Of The River…

Even MORE Randy & Earl nonsense.

This Saturday we’ll be at The Woodbine, a lovely pub on the Blackstock Road up in North London (check a map, it’s that big bit over the wrong side of the river).

It might be a one-off, or it might yet turn into something regular – let’s see if we avoid getting rocks thrown at us and that we can drunkenly negotiate public transport back to God’s country.

We reckon you should definitely come down – we’re on from 9pm till late, it’s free, and we’re operating a Vinyl Only regime so expect to hear some some fresh old sounds (Randy in particular has been keeping the economy afloat of late snapping up some seven inch gems).

Here’s a flyer that someone else made with all the details you could possibly need (except it neglects to mention that Randy favours rum, Earl whisky, while you’re at the bar, like.. ).

And while we’re at it, Randy is also popping up at Brixton Albert tonight at the special Rockabilly Offline – he’ll be playing all kinds of billy and some prime 5os R&B alongside a couple of cracking bands and the usual Offline rollcall of DJs.

~ by stagger lee on May 21, 2010.

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