Glastonbury News : Randy ready to rock

Bongo takes it easy


Well people, those of you who follow the show-bidniss gossip and such will be aware of how this guy ‘Bongo’ – the lead singer of some Dutch 80’s stadium rock dullards, has had to cancel his appearance at the upcoming Glastonbury Festival. Appears he fell off the stage or something and has had to have back surgery. You might also have been concerned for Brother Randy who recently fell over on public transport and had to undergo further surgery on his long sufferin’ knee there. Fears that this might lead to him too having to

Randy on his mobile


cancel are unfounded, although I must say the idea of replacing him with an animated monkey, like they done with Bongo was quite tempting. Don’t worry friends I’m here to tell you right now that he is back up on his feet (and crutches) and full of exciting ideas for Randy & Earl’s sets next week. As ever you’ll find us at The Pussy Parlure in the dance village, everyday there around lunch time for a while easing you into the new day in comfort and style and proving there was plenty of ‘dance’ music made before the 808 and 303 came along. We’ll also be sneaking in to play between bands on the Other Stage at some point and playing a couple of places up in Shangri-La one night. If you’re going to be at the festival try and drop by and visit – We’ll try and be civil, if not audible or sober.

~ by stagger lee on June 16, 2010.

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