Southern Tenant Folk Union

New album from Southern Tenant Folk Union arrived at the start of this month people. We’ve known about this for a while and what’s more, it’s been a longer while since we heard from them. It appears as how there’s plenty of changes there too. Since their wonderful second album, Revivals Rituals and Union Songs it seems main man Pat McGarvey has moved on to Edinburgh taking the name with him and not too much else and this new album comes from a whole new Union, so to speak. I know that sounds kinda odd but most of the folk in the first band were moonlighting from elsewhere anyhow, McGarvey himself used to be in Sid Griffin’s Coal Porters, Pete Gow in Case Hardin and Oliver Talkes, the great voice of the first Folk Union, has his own band too. Go find out about ’em. Anyways take it from us, we love ’em and you should hear ’em. So here’s a tune from the new record and a couple each from the first couple records.

South Ythsie

Sweeter Times

The Green Eyed Girl

Never Got The Best Of Me

No More Hard Times (No More Trouble)


They first two albums don’t seem all that easy to come by but hopefully these links work..

Revivals Rituals@Rough Trade

Mp3’s of the debut @ Amazon

The Old Record Club is packing up and heading out to Glastonbury this week but if we have time we’ll write more before we go. We understand you can do this kind of thing from the site, straight into people’s phones or faces or some foolishness, rest assured friends that Randy an I will not be entertaining any such notion. No indeed.

~ by stagger lee on June 19, 2010.

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