The What’s Cookin’ Summer Picnic – July 18th

Well folks, it’s exactly a month now till Randy leaves the big city and heads up into the hills. The Old Record Club will continue despite the distance between your two favourite DJ brothers – they’ve got Greyhound buses and all. As we mentioned before, the summer will see the brothers rocking various tents and bars across the country (Secret Garden Party, Beautiful Days, Endorse It!).

Before that, Randy’s last London outing (probably) will be at the What’s Cookin’ Summer Picnic. Earl’s gonna be out of town taking part in a chilli cookout or something and is gonna miss the fun – and what fun it’ll be. All y’all KNOW how much we love What’s Cookin’, probably our favourite place to play in the city. And they’ve really pulled out all the stops for this picnic.

On the bill?

The Redlands Palomino Company
The Singing Adams
King Salami & The Cumberland Three
Jan Bell & Will Scott
Buckshot Soup

The picnic is in the lovely surroundings of Henry Reynolds Gardens in Leytonstone (Bush Road, E11 -just round the corner from What’s Cookin’ usual home at the Sheep Walk) from 1pm till 8pm and we think it’s going to be brilliant.

MEANWHILE – if you want to make the whole weekend as good as a weekend gets, remember that the UNSTOPPABLE!! INCOMPARABLE!! INDOMITABLE!! AGRIDUSTRIAL!! Legendary Shack Shakers will be playing a rare London show at the reborn Highbury Garage the previous  night (July 17th). Randy will be there waving his stick in the air like he just don’t care, and if you’ve got any love for fucked up hillbilly mayhem, you will never see a better live band – guaranteed.

~ by stagger lee on July 2, 2010.

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