Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – Come And Get It

So, all you good, good people out there been listening to that mix Randy put together of Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed’s DJ set in Nashville? Damn! If that ain’t rockin’. If you ain’t heard Reed’s own stuff  yet it’s about high time you did. You know how it is that they just don’t make soul singers like they used to? Maybe you be listenin’ to that mix of fine old tunes I just mentioned and a sayin’ to yourself ‘don’t nobody make records like this no more?’ This guy does. He’s so good that at first you think he’s almost too good to be true. He ain’t. These guys ain’t about pastiche. He really has the most enormous voice you’ve heard in quite a while. Now sure, you hear some of the older singers his voice is steeped in come through from time to time but he’s not just trying to ape anyone, it’s his own voice. What we hear is he got that voice singing in church so, in that regards, he even is made they way they used to. His band , The True Loves are absolutely rockin’ and seem free from all that reverence and such that can make this kinda thing toothless. So here’s a few tunes for y’all. First up we gots a version of Lee Moses’ (She’s A) Bad Girl which is absolutely fierce, Randy is a particular big fan o’ this number, he tracked it down as it’s only available on a Promo or some such foolishness, so enjoy.

(She’s A) Bad Girl

We also got you a couple tracks from his roaring new album Come And Get It which came out about a month ago and which y’all should indeed go get, heh see what I done there. Anyways it’s packed up to the roof with great songs and fantastic singin’ also further on down the page a couple tunes from his previous album Roll With You which is just as great as the new one, (Doin’ The) Boom Boom just tears it up, check it out.

come and get it

I Found You Out

You Can Run On

Take My Love With You

(Doin’ The) Boom Boom

~ by stagger lee on July 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – Come And Get It”

  1. So – i’m going to buy the album as instructed – is there any difference between this – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Come-Get-Eli-Paperboy-Reed/dp/B003BOU71O
    and this – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Come-Get-Eli-Paperboy-Reed/dp/B003HIOXY6


    • the label – Parlophone in UK, Capitol in the States (the expensive one) as far I’m aware same tracks on the record even if there’s a different sleeve

  2. is it me or does this album veer in to Simply Red territory at times?

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