Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys

What a fine lookin’ body of men there, don’t y’all agree? Here at the Old Record Club our love for Hank and the Boys seems to grow ever stronger. We’s particular keen on his considerable catalogue of drinkin’ numbers so we’ll be putting up a few of them but that ain’t all, no sir! As we’re grumbling about politics and country music hereabouts here’s a bonus tune where Hank gives those damn longhairs a good kicking. Serve ’em right too.

There’s something simple and perfectly executed about Hank and the Boys  stuff, they didn’t really cover so much ground stylistically speakin’, content to hone their sound to near perfection and tour it almost non-stop (with the young Elvis among others, he’s also credited with discovering Wanda Jackson.) This here is western swing without too much jazz in it, honky-tonk but carefully played. Hank ain’t one of those singers to immerse himself in a song and shoot it all full of unmanly emotions. While he usually sings in the first person he kinda sits back and tells the story like it was told to him rather than as if it’s to happening him. If you see what I say. Man has a way with words mind but he don’t seem to take it all that serious, letting humour in without gettin’ too comic or dumb. If all this sounds as much like criticism as praise, you may be right, but somehow it don’t matter, these guys are great check it out.

A Six Pack To Go

On Tap, In the Can, Or In The Bottle

Smoky The Bar

Ace In The Hole

Hank’s official site

~ by stagger lee on July 16, 2010.

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