Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies

So Howie Gelb has a new record out, whatta we got here this time Howe old buddy? Unlike Mr Tompson and his Brazos Valley boys ol’ Howe’s all over the map both musically and geographically. Seems like ever since the rest of Giant Sand (Joey and Jon) wandered out of the desert to become Calexico Howe has left Arizona behind and wanders about the world like a lonesome troubadour looking for some new guys to hang with. It ain’t all a bad thing. A danish Giant Sand and last time out solo working with a gospel choir up in Canada on the fabulous ‘Sno Angel Like You’. Here he fetches up in Cordoba Spain stirring flamenco into his usual freeform country/rock/whatever ramblings. It’s not a bad fit at all working with Raimundo Amador and his Band Of Gypsies (a pretty big name in flamenco I hear). There’s still plenty of the desert in there, lots of Spanish guitar and some spanish singing too.On ‘Uneven Light Of Day’ an odd kinda eco-protest song he name checks Neil Young and gives us one of only a couple of blasts of his Neil styled guitar noise before settling back into the whole flamenco vibe there. Here also is a great picture of him covered in cats. Giant Sand celebrates 25 years this year apparently so we’ll have something on them at some point, if we can work out where to start………

Uneven Light Of Day

Cowboy Boots On Cobble Stones

How and a bunch of cats


~ by stagger lee on July 20, 2010.

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