Badgers? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badgers!

Well friends, Secret Garden Party was a good laugh for the Old Record Club. Bit posh and very white but fun all the same. Randy has good pictures he may share with y’all. Mine is mostly a blur. Half the stuff we wanted to see was on Thursday before we even showed, what all is up with that kind of stupidity? So it was sunday afternoon before we saw anyone who wasn’t King Salami & the Cumberland  3

who played two totally rockin’ sets. The second was at the Tree stage – sadly they wasn’t hanging from wires ‘cos that would have been something really worth seeing. We missed Horace Andy on account we needed to lay down some, but Gt. Uncle Cheese The Bearded Mountain Man gave a good account of hisself on the main stage to our tremendous pride and enjoyment. The Skatalites were great and Mercury Rev were firstly not as bad as we was afraid they might be these days and secondly dedicated a song to Mark Linkous ensuring a generally forgiving stance among our camp. A great band then, who were once absolutely fantastic. That is to say, they ain’t what they was but they still better than most.

Anyway friends looking forward, it ain’t long ’til we really shake it down for y’all at Endorse It! In Dorset. Y’all ready for this? The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that Brother Randy has dedicated a whole page, yessir! to this thang (painted up like a $20 whore according to cousin Mark what done the art fer us) – check it out, more details and ….

~ by stagger lee on July 28, 2010.

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