Not Typical But Tropical

King Salami Up Close & Personal

I don’t have a whole lot to add to my brother’s words below – we was pretty much joined at the hipflask for the whole weekend and saw mostly the same things. Although he saw them better on account of him having decent eyesight and not having to sit down all the time cos his damn fool leg hurt*.

King Salami & His Cumberland 3 (0r sometimes 4) were probably the best thing we saw, both times – the King really can work a crowd and the band are no slouches either. It’s worth knowing that multi-named ace guitarist Jim is also one of the Action Men, the finest male dance troupe since… actually, I don’t know any male dance troupes, apart from that act I saw down at the Honey Pot Lounge that time when Brother Earl left me and I wandered into the wrong bar. Anyway, they were great both times.

Probably the only real competition was from The Sonic Manipulator, who was a real actual genuine spaceman forced to play music by the side of the lake to raise enough money to get his broken spaceship mended and get back home.

"I am the lonely alien, I've got to fix my ship"

Other than that, we drank and stumbled and pointed and laughed and got tired and hot like old fellas and we played some records and drank some more and at one point Earl tried to steal a buggy and then there was some confusion over who tied the dead pigeon to the rollbar and I’m REALLY not making this up. We danced round a caravan for a while too, which was a lot like being at home only it was playing all sorts’a funky music rather than Skynyrd or Styx, which is what we usually dance to. A fun weekend all round but I’m fixing to write to Mr Garden Party and give him some straight talking about some of the damn fool rules he’s got tying the whole festival up in knots.

Earl, A Buggy And A Dead Pigeon

Like Earl said, next weekend is the big one with the whole Endorse It! in Dorset happening, where we’ll be drunker’n you, older’n you and STILL awake when you’re thinking about what to have for your breakfast.

* Course, even stood up he’s only a coupla inches taller than me sat down so it ain’t no thing…

~ by stagger lee on July 29, 2010.

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