Introducing Mr Stagger Lee

So.. erm.

Brother Randy Hickey was also Dubversion, but Dubversion doesn’t really play reggae any more. Much, anyway. And since Dubversion / Brother Randy Hickey is moving up to the north-east, he thought it was time to rebrand. So Brother Randy Hickey is now Stagger Lee (what with him being a cripple. Called Lee – too good to pass up really, what?).

Stagger Lee is STILL Brother Randy Hickey, when he’s on Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club business. Otherwise he’s Stagger Lee. Unless it’s a People’s Republic of Disco event, in which case he’s just a drunk bloke stealing your booze.  Brother Earl Hickey is still Brother Earl Hickey as far as we know, because he has far better things to do with his time than piss about with multiple identities like some raddled, self-important asshole.

So if you’re looking to get Brother Randy Hickey to come along and play you some music, you’ll be looking for Stagger Lee. Unless Earl’s coming too…

Hope that helps. Anyway, this is all just an excuse to show off a new logo from Mark “Stark” Stafford. Stagger Lee has his own email address too now – djstaggerlee AT gmail DOT com.

We’ll update the “about” page to take all this nonsense into account just as soon as we figure it out for ourselves.

~ by stagger lee on August 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Introducing Mr Stagger Lee”

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