Get Right With God – Preach It Brother!

Have mercy!preach it brother!halleyloo!

So sunday morning at Endorse It! Brother Randy and I were set to bring down the word of the Lord in righteous fury upon the filthy, drunken, cross-dressing hordes in the hope of saving their sorry mud-spattered souls. Brother Randy however was asleep and would not awake. Shamefully, I beat him with a fence post but still he would not stir. I went on my mission alone and brought gospel music to the morning crowds. All was well until Randy showed his sorry sinner’s face. Dressed in a shirt more suited to the honky tonk than the house of God he proceeded to take a shot at rocking the turntables while I set about to testifying. It was not long then before I forgot myself and wound up out on top of the speaker stacks there,  I know not how what happened, happened but shortly after concluding my words I found myself struck down, for my fool’s pride mayhaps. I can’t really say for sure. Anyways, here’s Elder Beck taking up my message that ‘Jesus hates your rock ‘n’ roll’. This is, I might add,  a stance I now see to be erroneous and maybe that’s the message of my fall, praise Elvis.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Sermon – Elder Beck

~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 2, 2010.

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  1. […] already been some coverage of Randy & Earl’s weekend at Endorse It! In Dorset, here and here. I’ll post some stuff about the other festivals – Vintage and Beautiful Days – […]

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