Get Right With God – Glory In The Meeting house

Brothers an sisters we’ve been quiet here a while an I would apologise for that, there are reasons, of a kind and all will be made clear in good time. Just as the crooked shall be made straight. Following on from our eventful Gospel set in the summer I have from time to time thought some about putting up a few spiritual numbers here for you all to enjoy of a sunday. Well, we ain’t too good on sunday mornings as a rule but here you finally go. I been stirred to set down this road by a great bluegrass album of religious numbers that has recently come to my attention. Now, Brother Randy and I unnerstand how some of y’all don’t see eye to eye with music that lifts up our lord jesus christ. We’ve been mocked and abused for playin’ it sometimes by folk with little sense. What they are actually saying is they don’t trust they own feeble sense of who they are and what they think or believe and they fear it might be changed while they look the other way by a record we played. We’ve always seen that kind of thinkin’ to be plain wrong-headed, it’s just like when they wanted to put all them stickers on records to stop kids hearing them. What is up with people?

Anyway this fine record is Glory In The Meeting House by Charlie Parr and The Black Twig Pickers. Here are a couple of tunes from it for you enjoyment (and subconcious betterment)

Jesus On The Mainline

There Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down

GLory In The Meeting House

y’all take care and have a good week there friends.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Get Right With God – Glory In The Meeting house”

  1. jesus –
    grave –

    me and this electricity stuff ain’t gettin along at all right now

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