Get Right With God – Satan Is Real

holy trinity batman!

Feel free to spend the afternoon makin’ up your own captions for the picture above friends. What comes to your mind is more revealin’ than y’all might think you know. Anyways it was going to be some real sweet gospel music for you this week but I just couldn’t decide and if we’re going to do this regular then this here is a record that’ll be a lookin’ over my shoulder ’til we gets to it. You’ve probably seen the sleeve even if you’ve never heard any of the music, apparently it was all Ira’s idea and a tire fire stands in for Hell behind ’em. Seems about right. Ira was the crazy one, a  mean tempered drunk whose third out of four wives shot him in the back after he tried to strangle her. I’m not sure how he squared all this with his Baptist faith, maybe he didn’t. He was, ironically, killed by a drunk driver five years after this record came out. But never you mind about all that – The Louvin Brothers were a fantastic close harmony singin’ duo and the music is a good deal more beautiful than it’s kinda funny cover would have you think. So here’s a couple of tunes off of it, just so’s you know.

Satan’s Jeweled Crown

The Angels Rejoiced

satan is real



~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 28, 2010.

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