Jack Rose

Well, today is the first anniversary of the young death of Jack Rose who passed last dec 5th just 38 years. Now you know that’s a damn shame. To be honest with you I was only minded about this after putting up the new Black Twig Pickers record a couple of weeks back there. If I’d had sense I might’ve waited. Anyways last year they made a record in a similar fashion with Jack Rose. Damn good too, here we’re giving you the last track ‘Goodbye Booze’ to consider, his tenth solo record ‘Luck in The Valley came out earlier this year and from that, being as it’s sunday, we’re taking ‘everybody ought to pray sometime’. Lastly there’s a tune from his first record called ‘Hide The Whiskey’, which should appeal to those of you who liked Randy’s evening redness….mix. Which I know is all of you ‘cos that’s a great mix there. It’s good stuff check it out – I don’t pretend to know a lot about the guy, only came to him through the Black Twig Pickers record which, it would seem, is a lot more traditional than his own stuff. Anyways it seems like he was a big deal to whole word of people as a big ol’ tribute has just finally arrived in the shape of  Honest Strings : a tribute to the life and work of Jack Rose It’s only available on the interwebs here on account of it being six and a half hours worth of music ( you read me right six and a half hours and no, I ain’t sat through it yet). You have to say, that’s a sizeable portion of love and respect, The Black Twig Pickers and Charlie Parr make appearances and a whole lot of other, I believe ‘freak-folk’ is the term, acts –  click that link there to find out more.

Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime

Goodbye Booze

Hide The Whiskey(Blues For The Colonel)

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jack Rose”

  1. What with Piney Gir, Charlie Parr, Willie Nelson, The King and now Jack Rose, tell me you’re building up for a mix…C’maaan…some kind of cross between Death Valley/Are You Drinking?/Hundreds of Sparrows..? You know it makes some kind of sense…(and yeah, I’m aware I’m pushing my luck what with the top quality of the stagger casts…never satisfied some people…).

    • thank you friend, glad you’re enjoying it all. well now, to make things plain it’s Brother Randy (who’s changed his name and run off with a dancing girl) what does the stagger casts there and the mixes you mention. All the other stuff is pretty much posted up by Earl – he’s kinda been slack on the whole mix thing for sometime. Still he’s got a few ready to go (not exactly in the vein you suggest, mind) over the christmas period and more stuff going up on Giant Sand and some christmas music and such – plenty to keep you busy, cheers

  2. Oop – shoulda given Earl his props too – loving his work & can’t wait for more 😉 ps pardon my hignorance but ‘Giant Sand’?

  3. Ignore me, just found the link…

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