Giant Sandwich

So anyways 25 years is quite a long old while and today we’ll go right on back to the beginning with some early, 80’s stuff from Howe and the boys. ‘Tumble and Tear’ is a great tune from off their rockin’ debut Valley of Rain. it was also included on the Giant Sandwich album which came out between the other two records featured today and was a kind of alternate takes and ‘best of’ of the first two albums kind of thing that began the long tradition of Giant Sand having a confusing dicography. Seein’ as yesterday I invoked Long Stem Rant there’s a couple of tunes from that too ‘Sandman’ features Convertino beating a water tank for percussion. ‘Get To Leave’ is one of two tracks here today that Howe revived for his gospel record ‘Sno’Angel Like you’. The other is ‘Wearing The Robes of Bible Black’ which kicks off my first and, I think, still favourite Giant Sand album The Love Songs

Tumble and Tear


Get To Leave

Wearing The Robes Of Bible Black

Love Like A Train

and the pic at the top is Howe Gelb, John Convertino and Joey Burns – the core of the band through the 90’s. Joey didn’t actually join ’til after these records fact fans


~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 7, 2010.

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