Well, the more hirsute amongst yer will have seen this one coming down the road a while now, since it was just a wobble in the heat haze I don’t doubt –  but we can’t really be going on so much about Giant Sand without gettin’ around to Calexico. After a while there John and Joey started doing music on their own while Howe was off doing whatever he does. Named after a mexican border town they brought in a whole lot of mariachi influence and accordion and such to what they were doing, a lot less rock than Giant Sand. The homemade first album ‘Spoke’ is almost like a sketchbook of them playing about with ideas for the sounds and styles they wanted to use. It’s atmospheric stuff, soundtrack is a word that used to pop up a whole lot in connection with them ‘Spoke’ is more like the soundtrack to  a mob film shot in the south west than a western shot in Italy. If you see what I say. Anyways they stuck with the Giant Sand tradition of maintaining a confusing discography, there’s six proper studio albums plus an equal number of less polished tour albums and about the same number of ep’s too. As a beginner’s guide I’d suggest starting with the one’s that feature the wonderful artwork of Victor Gastelum on the cover. Now, as luck would have it this year has seen deluxe editions of a couple of their better records come out. So we’ll put up some of those bonus tunes for you and one that didn’t make it, plus a tune from one of them tour albums too. Man alive we been spoiling y’all this week.

Go on love, have a smoke



Crooked Road And The Briar



Attack El Robot Attack (And How He Lost Remix)










Above The Branch



lovely, lovely stuff. You can find more mp3s and a whole wide world of stuff on their own site

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 9, 2010.

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