Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas

Without Elvis now is it friends?

I know y’all already have the Elvis christmas records -they’re as much a part of any real christmas as The Wizard Of Oz and overeating – The Wonderful World Of Christmas is the better one for my money but I’m sure they’ve been repackaged so much you can’t tell what’s what these days. Maybe like ours your old vinyl copies are about worn smooth and crackly – so here’s a couple to enjoy here in the cursed modern world. If I Get Home is a pretty decent song and I’ve never heard another version of it although I’m sure it’s lurking out there just waiting to spoil my mood. I love his version Here Comes Santa Claus because he sounds drunk and kinda like an Elvis impersonator, he could hardly have made less effort but being a throwaway type of number he gets away with it, Happy Holidays friends.

If I Get Home On Christmas Day

Here Comes Santa Claus

Hey! check out Elvis’ Tree!

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 15, 2010.

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