Get Right With God – Christmas in Jail or Death?

You wanna know something I hate? ‘Let’s put Christ back in Christmas’. What all is up with those people? You wanna have the Little baby Jesus as the centre of your Christmas? That’s just dandy by me, just don’t go around spoilin’ it for everyone else with your superior attitude and misguided sense of entitlement OK? I mean y’all are on the internets here right? You don’t need me to google Yule, Saturnalia, or Natalis Solis Invicti for you do you? We all knows that most of it predates Christ and the only christian parts of christmas are the nativity and old Santa Claus. And we all know how those right wing nut-job god types thing Santa is actually satan now, what would you do with these killjoys? These fools even get all high and mighty about the use of Xmas instead of Christmas, ignorant of how the X comes from the greek spelling of Christ I shouldn’t wonder. The Roman festival was even the ‘birth of the Sun’ see any links there? Sun, Son? Don’t even get me started on Pagans who want to reclaim it – shut up! your stupid superstitions and idiotic nonsense was replaced by christ as the world became more enlightened and no-one is gonna be turning that clock back – give it up y’all, you’re embarrassing yourselves. The real spirit of Christmas is about community, about people coming together to have a good time and see themselves through the dark cold winter, not about telling everyone they ain’t doing it right ‘cos they don’t do it your way, why the good Lord himself would be ashamed of your damn foolishness. So what I’m a-saying here is listen to and enjoy, but disregard these two grinch-y Reverends who wants to bring you a spell in jail or death for Christmas and pay a lots more of your attention to Sister Ree who sings out the true spirit of the season loud enough to shake the decorations off the tree there.

Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail? – Rev J.M. Gates

Death Might Be Your Christmas Gift – Rev A.W.Nix

Joy To The World – Aretha Franklin

Apparently she came out of surgery on thursday and it went well, which is great news as far as we are concerned round here.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 19, 2010.

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