Get Right With God – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Well friends, this weeks gospel spot was never in any real doubt. No sir! Following on from last week’s killer combination of Pops Staples’ guitar and Mavis’ voice here we has a woman can do both all her own. Not only that but this past tuesday was Sister Rosetta Tharpe Day, not sure why that is – ain’t her birthday nor the day she died but it’s her day and that’ll do fer us. Starting out to sing in church as a child Sister Rosetta was the first gospel superstar and an influence on the rock ‘n’ roll that was to come after her. Beloved of Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Jerry Lee and Elvis himself. She sings and plays up a storm and a half. Some of y’all will have maybe seen a film about her on your T.V. the other night, if you didn’t maybe spend a little while with you tube and check out some of her performances, she had a pretty interesting, and inspirational, life. While she controversially moved between sacred and secular music from time to time, she could really sing that gospel brothers and sisters. So she’s been on heavy rotation here the past few days trying to choose a tune or two and I think I’ve come back around to a couple of the first ones I thought of. Both of them tell of miraculous stories, the feeding of the 5000 and the battle of Jericho, that you’ll be familiar with from your Bible. If you can’t get with Sister Rosetta then I just don’t know what. I pray for you is all.

Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread


~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 16, 2011.

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