Hey There, what’d we miss?

So. I know y’all have been worried. Things bein so quiet round here and all. It’s OK. Seems what happened is the ol’ information superhighway for the whole neighbourhood got broke. Looks like a bunch of squirrels got into the barn where they keep it round here and chewed through the cables. Damndest thing. If you were a tin hat conspiracy type guy you might have other ideas. Like Crazy Lyle there, I was expectin’ him to start in with the usual ‘aliens melted the internet, they can see your thoughts’ bit he does. It’s pretty fun if you’re in the mood actually. Damn annoying a lot of the time though. But anyways seems he thinks it was ‘them’ meaning the Govt. or the people who secretly run the govt. or whoever. And worship Owls and stuff. He reckons they did it to him. Him in particular. That’s pretty paranoid right there. I mean, they are out to get him. but mostly just to pay parking fines and take his library books back or whatever. Maybe take a bath every now and then.

Anyway, I’m ramblin’ on – thing is the power is back on and there’ll be a bunch of stuff to catch up on around here soon enough. Oh yeah. Ol’ Earl ain’t comin’ back empty handed firt up for you is this teaser film here for the new Slim Cessna’s Auto Club record. That’s right I said NEW SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB RECORD friends – due in March. Excited? Hell it’s been years.

also, this tune…..

Three Bloodhounds, Two Shepherds, One Fila Brasiliero

enjoy, and come back soon ya heards me? We gots catchin’ up to do here

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 1, 2011.

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