Get Right With God – Touchdown Jesus

Superbowl sunday people! So I knows y’all ain’t feelin’ as church going an God fearing as you might. This here is the touchdown Jesus on Royal in New Orleans. He ain’t as famous as the, frankly kinda vulgar, one in Ohio that burned down but – he was on the winning team last year and he’s watched over me a good many hours in his time. Kick off is approachin’ so get those cheese balls and beer sorted. Packers vs The Steelers. As some of y’all will know, our great uncle cheese the mountain man likes to sport the comical but distinctive Packer’s Cheesehead hat despite his lack of interest in the sport – so we’re going Packers on that basis alone.

Now there’s only really one tune to put up here today that brings football and Jesus together, and it’s this lil’ beauty….

Dropkick me Jesus – Bobby Bare

I know this sign is a little old, but it seems like the day to put it up – some people still ain’t feelin’ God’s forgiveness you see what I say? Brett?

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 6, 2011.

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