Invariable Heartache/Behold The Spirit

Well friends here’s a thing or two out of Nashville you might’ve missed. Nashville doesn’t seem to produce much good music for a music town or is that just me? Dribbling out at different times in different places Invariable Heartache is an album of duets by Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell going by the neat but slightly ugly moniker Kort. This is pretty old school in a lot of ways, but that’s no bad thing at the Old Record Club here. Turns out Tidwell’s grandfather ran a label called Chart records way back a while and the songs here are ‘reinterpretations’ of some of the stuff it put out. Not knowing the original stuff I can’t say how much that reinterpretation amounts to but it’s a pretty lovely album, if you’ve not yet come across it check it out friends…

Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries

She Came Around Last Night

Adding his talents to the Kort record is this guy William Tyler, he’s also played with Lambchop, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Silver Jews, Wooden Wand and the late Charlie Louvin R.I.P. Now if that ain’t enough to take yer innarest I don’t know what. Still, young Mr Tyler isn’t about to bare his songwriterly soul over a number of strum along country tainted tunes  he wrote on his days off, no indeed. This here is an instrumental guitar record and viewed from some places this is a pretty abstract and avant garde one too. Now,  maybe that ain’t to everyone’s taste but just hold up a second there ’cause y’all should try it anyways. The other name I gotta mention here is Jack Rose but Tyler doesn’t have any of the hard edge or difficulty that some of Rose’s stuff does.  This record ain’t a hard listen, it has a gentle sunday or late night kinda feel (in fact the cover sorta catches some of that, a warm night, bugs a buzzin’). There are field recordings on a few of the tracks and he plays in a number of ways, never in a loud or showy kind of way. It’s a great record.

Tears And Saints


the kids dig Tyler's wild sound

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “Invariable Heartache/Behold The Spirit”

  1. a coupla great albums right there

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