My Sister Thanks You And I Thank You, Goodnight

Jack And Meg

So friends, it seems the days of hoping Jack White would make another White Stripes record instead of starting yet another pointless dull band are over, out with a fizzle. Damn shame. Here at the old record club we enjoyed their primal garage blues a whole lot – we’re kinda partial to a little o’that type thing. Man they were good live as well,  people who hadn’t seen ’em used to say to me how they needed a bass player or Meg couldn’t play and all kindsa foolishness. People are so dumb I can hardly stand to be around ’em sometimes. They didn’t need nuthin’ else and Meg was clearly the anchor of the band. Cool and steady while Jack was being possessed by the restless spirits of blues guitarists long gone. I mean he used to be in a frenzy, these days he’s just standing around and ain’t no-one keeping him grounded like Meg, them other bands have got too many people in ’em he needs to fire the bass player and plug himself back into the ol’ voodoo. So here’s a few live numbers, covers all, first two are from The Forum in London Dec 6th 2001 and Boll Weevil is from the Berlin Columbiahalle May 19th 2003


I’m Bored

Boll Weevil

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “My Sister Thanks You And I Thank You, Goodnight”

  1. i was at that Forum show. was a blinder. to be honest, much as it’s a Damn shame they’ve gone, i kinda thought they already had. Dead Weather are shocking, The Raconteurs merely mediocre. Meh.

    • I know, we went together. Your memory, you need to lay off the ‘shine I reckon. It is odd that they bothered to announce it for no real reason, it woulda made more sense if they were doing a big last show or somethin’. Ah well.

  2. it’s gigs I’m sketchy about, especially cos in the 90s (i know this wasn’t but still) i was going to 4 or 5 a week for work, and was drunk at all of them so they really do blur..

  3. Similarly gutted here; DW/Raconteurs feel like photocopies of something that might’ve been good originally but ends up being MOR with riffs you’ve heard a thousand times. With The White Stripes on the other hand…trying not to sound like a pseud…it’s the purity of the whole thing; De Stijl in particular still cleans my pipes. I’ve been on a Stripes frenzy recently and the trip from the 1st album to the last is never less than exhilarating. I saw them at Alexandra Palace & while the venue’s arse on many levels, the gig was a blinder.

  4. […] no-one else either there or in mind, there are rhythms and shapes you know from his older songs. Back when they called time on The White Stripes I lamented that he wasn’t gonna rally for one last album of plain old garage rockin’ […]

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