It’s A Natural Fact, There’s No Turning Back

Sometimes Randy gets to liking a song so it just won’t quit. Damn fool went to see Blue Valentine on Saturday down at the mall, came back all in a mess, we caught him in the yard drinking cleaning fluids and sobbing. Anyway, seems that in this movie – which is as bleak as an abandoned Five & Dime after a flood – there’s this song, which is “our song” to the two darn fool people in it. And Randy’s been playing it and playing it – easily a 100 times since then.

Turns out nobody really knows who Penny & The Quarters were. They (a girl, some guys on backing vocals and a guitarist) recorded some demos for Clem Price of Harmonic Sounds some time back in the early 7os, which didn’t amount to nothin’ and lay around in a box for 30 years until Mr Price upped and died and some people went through his chattels. Cut a long story short, the tapes got to Numero Records, who stuck the best track, You & Me, on a Prix Records compilation, which in turn came to the attention of Ryan Gosling (one of the two darn fools in the movie and no musical slouch himself) and he got it put in this movie.

Which is about as lovely a back story to a piece of music as I ever heard. Sad thing is, they can’t even FIND anyone who was in Penny & The Quarters to give them some of the royalties that are piling up for them.

Anyway, hate to admit it but Randy’s bang on the money with this’un, it’s a beautiful song and the “rehearsal” feel just adds to it somehow. So, y’know, give it a listen.

Penny & The Quarters – You & Me

Randy even went and made a weird little movie to go with it (he’d finished the cleaning fluids and thought all the other versions on youtube sucked).

The last time a song got under Randy’s skin like this, it was kinda similar. A gospel song, Jesus On The Mainline, by the Gospel Harmonettes out of Demopolis, Alabama, sounding like it was recorded without anyone knowing, with the singers driftin’ around the hall singing their hearts out. You can get that here too

The Gospel Harmonettes Of Demopolis, Alabama – Jesus On The Mainline

And there’s a video for this one too, but it’s a performance of the song that looks like it tries to recreate the magic of the recording. It doesn’t quite come off but it ain’t bad either.


~ by stagger lee on February 9, 2011.

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