It’s just one heartbreak after another ain’t it?

Friends, if you, like us, have been pretty much dissappointed at best and in certain regards appalled (saxophone?) by the new Iron & Wine record here’s a little something to soothe that irritation. This live album ‘Norfolk’ came out on sub pop a year or two back in a ridiculous limited edition for record store day or something. A recording from the ‘Woman King’ tour it sounds just great, the best live recording I’ve heard of him. Not only that, it sees Ol’ Sam Beam bringin’ in a band to his sound to wonderful, if mostly pretty laidback, effect. Last track ‘The Trapeze Swinger’ is just a gorgeous thing. How he gets away with such a long song where so little really happens and yet it never, ever drags or falters I plain don’t know. Magic or somethin’. Magic I Say. Now what in the hell is up with this new stuff Sam? I mean fair play for trying new things, even for trying to reach a bigger crowd but damn son! get on the phone to Joey Burns and make another record with Calexico like you know you damn well should and we’ll forget all about it OK?

freedom hangs like heaven

the trapeze swinger

Beam - suitably chastened

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 9, 2011.

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