Get Right With God – Hot Gospel

Hallelujah Brothers anna Sisters, here this week we have a record that shares it’s name with our lil’ sunday sermons here. And Children, It’s pews are packed with that good ol’ gopel that we been tryna show y’all is a glorious thing whether you know Jesus as your personal saviour or not. So first up we have the Southern Revivalists Of New Orleans with a glorious version of what I guess will be our theme song. Next we got pts 1&2 of the most striking tunes on the record,  a meditation on the life acheivements and death of President Roosevelt. Not the Teddy bear one, the “we have nothin’ to fear but fear itself” guy. Ain’t exactly regular gospel fare I know but thats kinda what makes it worthy of yer attentions ain’t it? Last up we got back to higher ground sure ans steady on the ol’ favourite ‘I’m So Glad’ from the Southern Harmonaires, and brethren, check out those soothing harmonies. You can buy this but it’s pretty expensive and what do you think the chances are of the artists in question being remunerated? Ease your guilt with a charitable donation friends.

Southern Revivalists of N.O. – Get Right With God

Otis Jackson – Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (part1)(part2)

The Southern Harmonaires – I’m So Glad


~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Get Right With God – Hot Gospel”

  1. I’ve been lifted.

  2. how many home helps did it take?

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