Waking Up To Wynette

Friends, here’s a little something for your St. Valentine’s day. If you ain’t exactly feelin’ all of the bogus monetary rush of love we’re all supposed to get today here is a woman who knew a whole lot about real love and the lack of it. Married 5 times Tammy gave love a good ol’ try, dead at just 55 the First Lady Of Country wasn’t even in the Country Music Hall Of Fame when she passed on. Now this here cassette of some of Tammy’s greatest numbers came to me by a strange road. Following the celebrations of last weekend’s Superb owl victory for the cheeseheads I awoke in an unfamiliar bed. To say bed is to dignify it a little over much – I was laying comfortably out in the trash making a dumpster my bed. Some of y’all no doubt think that I’m familiar with the situation but that ain’t so, Y’all hush yer lyin’ mouths. Not too much of a laughing matter neither, I can tell you. Still, this battered ol’ tape was lying on my chest there like a gift from above to soothe my considerable aches and pains. Soon as I found the car. As is sometimes my way in these types of matters I have thought about the mystical significance of this event but what could that be? It isn’t clear to me. Mind, I am pretty sure any kinda deeper meaning would lie with Tammy’s angel’s voice rather than with the ‘high quality robust construction’ of the Cascade 34 – ‘the ultimate in convenient cassette storage’ but I ain’t really found it yet. Perhaps we’ll leave that mystery and pass on along for now.

‘Til I Can Make It On My Own

Almost Persuaded


~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 14, 2011.

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