One More Cup Of Coffee

This here is Amber, she’ll be your waitress this morning. Now they got pretty good coffee here but you know what I like on occasion? A lil’ drop of tabasco sauce in there, oh yeah. Don’t go crazy or nuthin’ and spoil yer coffee,  just a drop. Gives it an extra warm glow and guards against evil for the day. So I was talkin’ to Amber there, who is a fount of good advice and general wisdom as well as bein’ a waitress, ’bout this whole Dylan bein’ overrated business amongst other things. She kinda agreed with me too, says her daddy loves him but ol’ Bob ain’t made a good record since before she was born far as she can tell. Damn straight! I mean folk do make a hell of a fuss don’t they? That’s what gets my goat. Not like the guy ain’t wrote a tune or two but shut up already. So while I was enjoying a cup more than I probably should judging by my shaky hands on the wheel, I got to thinkin’ bout this lil tune. So here’s a couple of versions of his most famous song about a good cup of coffee. First up from some weird movie about him being a woman or sumthin’ is serial Dylan interpreter Roger McGuinn, backed beautifully by Calexico on this occasion. We also got a raggedy ass live version by those White Stripes, making it two covers from the same album for Mr White…..

One More Cup Of Coffee – Calexico & Roger McGuinn

One More Cup Of Coffee – The White Stripes (SF 28Apr03)

now with the right link y’all!

y’all drink responsible now

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 17, 2011.

One Response to “One More Cup Of Coffee”

  1. I sort of agree, and the endless being of someone 30 years past his prime irksome, but to some extent – like Van Morrison – I think he’s kind of earned it.

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