We love you Miss Jackson

So it’s that feller Jack White and Bobby Dylan again (fixed up that coffee link for ya by the ways). They get just about everywheres, last time I’m letting ’em on here for a while I promise. This time out they’re a-botherin Wanda on Thunder On The Mountain, apparently Bob’s choice for her. There’s different ways of lookin’ at this record she’s made with Jack and no mistakin’ it. It’s good but, well, it ain’t Van Lear Rose y’know? Mr White seems to play a little too loudly in a bunch of worn out old styles, like he’s worked his way up through the history of the blues from the delta to Chicago on to the point electric blues starts to get kinda tedious. Let’s just say he ain’t inspired on it, the solo on ‘Thunder’ here is damn ugly. Wanda, let’s be honest, ain’t expected to be doing much at her age but she still tours a bunch and this record is a lot better than you really have any right expectin’ from her. Somehow it just don’t do it though. Some real good tracks on it but it just ain’t workin as a whole for me. On the other hand, she ain’t ever been what them music biz idiots would call ‘an album artist’ and we love Wanda here at the record club, So we’ll forgive her a few imperfections here and there. Dust On The Bible and Blue Yodel are both great.

Thunder On The Mountain

Blue Yodel #6

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 23, 2011.

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