JD McPherson

Now here friends is some old style Rockabilly. Not twisted through no punk rock/garage lens or nuthin’, not played for laughs with all the hiccupin’ and cliches turned up to 11 just…. proper. When I saw the title ‘Signs And Signifiers’ I thought we could be in for the first ‘billy meditation on the semiotic theories of Roland Barthes (yeah, you heard me right) but rest easy friends McPherson rhymes it with gossipers and liars and all is well. If you was a little underwhelmed by Wanda’s new versions of some old rock’n’roll tunes come check out the young blood. What he’s doin’ here is kinda like Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed does with soul, getting that real feel. There’s no modern or post modern sheen and no museum-piece type reverence neither. Only two covers on here the rest is all high quality originals and range from out an out rockers to sweet and dreamy slow numbers. Check it out friends.

North Side Gal

Wolf Teeth

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 25, 2011.

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