Get Right With God – What Have You Done My Brother?

Here this sunday friends is some gospel soul for y’all. Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens do their church singing not on a sunday morning but every friday night in a New York bar. Now, I hear as some will say “It ain’t right nor fitting to be singing church music in a place what sells liqour” But friends, you know I don’t agree. I can’t agree with that! Why didn’t Jesus himself start out on his road by getting the party rockin’ in Cana? Yes sir! That’s the type church me and Randy could really feel ourselves getting involved in y’know. Let the spirit move you, shake off the trials of the week.  These sisters know how to move the people. I feel I have to add ‘What have you done my brother?’ is a question I’ve had to ask of Randy’s dumb ass plenty times too.

I know gospel soul seems a kinda stupid name on account there’s always some of one in the other and both ways around but what you have here is an almost 50/50 split, a perfect blend of the two. This record came out a couple years back on Daptone records. That should give you a sense of what it is, like Sharon Jones, Naomi Shelton has been doing this forever. Since she was a child in church indeed, later as a soul singer and now as both together. It’s a fine recording, you should go get it – and they should think about doing another – meantime here’s a couple of tunes from it.

Trouble In My Way

Jordan River

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 27, 2011.

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