Your Girlfriend and Mine

So yeah, I was thinkin’ bout this Holly Golightly. And yeah, that is her at the fabulous What’s Cookin’. It is her real name given her by her mama you know, not some stage thing. Anyways Holly is great, has been for as long as many of us can recall, and is much, much loved here at the old record club. If you don’t know her music then you should and we can help you out with that a little. There’s plenty to be going along with since she was just a young ‘un in Thee Headcoatees but I ain’t of a mind to get all lengthy and historical now. Her last three records have come out under the Holly Golightly and the Broke-Offs name, that’s basically her and Lawyer Dave and they take on a more country/blues feel than her earlier records which was more garage and rock ‘n’ roll type stuff. Here’s a track a piece from them records, all of ’em great, startin’ with their take on Jack O’ Diamonds from last year’s Medicine County record.

Jack O’Diamonds

Up On the Floor (from Dirt Don’t Hurt)

Devil Do (From You Can’t Buy A Gun When Your Crying)

so now you’ve no excuse.

You can hear more and learn a bunch about her at Holly’s site

Truman Capote’s book is worth yer time too if you ain’t ever read it.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 2, 2011.

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