Roll, Roll Train

Good Lord willin’, creek don’t rise and all o’that I should be on the north bound train to see Randy about now. Ridin’ in more comfort than this here feller hopefully. So I thought why not have a train song or two? Ain’t like there’s any shortage of ’em, although the poor train often has to do it’s work as a symbol or metaphor. Once again for Johnny Cash it means freedom to his sorry prisoner. For The Sons Of The Pioneers it’s some kinda heavenly chariot type thing while ol’ Merle wonders if there’ll be any freight trains in heaven. The Sons also make a pretty good fist of that train song favourite – making a bunch of train noises and using a clickin’ train rhythm. The Dick Curless track is pretty much that stuff all the way through with a handful of words about a guy tryna catch a freight. And failin’. Hasil Adkins, well he’s just Hasil.

Hasil Adkins  – Roll Roll Train

Johnny Cash – I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow

Dick Curless – Bummin on track E

Sons Of the Pioneers – Golden Train

Merle Haggard – Hobo’s Meditation

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 3, 2011.

One Response to “Roll, Roll Train”

  1. Nothing like a good train song to stir the blood.

    Fred Eaglesmith’s “I Like Trains” is a favourite of mine:

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