Get Right With God – Putting the Fun into Funeral

Well friends, this was going to be a week of New Orleans music posts of one sort or another but it just ain’t turned out that way. Ol’ Earl’s been a little ‘tired’ if you take my meaning. We’ll get to it though, a mix I’ve been choosing tracks for and allsorts is on it’s way for y’all. I get distracted y’know? Anyways let’s get down to some of that New Orleans stuff today whatcha say? it don’t take no genius to see the link between the New Orleans marching band tradition, funerals and some church music now does it? Don’t make me explain all that, my head hurts. Go look it up on t’innerwebs – plenty knowledgeable folk with stuff to say on it. Short version is the music is slow and mournful on the way to graveyard and joyous and upbeat on the way back celebratin’ the release of the soul from it’s earthly burden. Here the Treme Brass Band play a lovely funereal paced (no other word for it) Old Rugged Cross, The Dirty Dozen an all-out jumpin’ Jesus On the Mainline and The Preservation Hall Band (who ain’t really a marchin’ band) give us a lovely Precious Lord. Now don’t that feel better?

Treme Brass Band – The Old Rugged Cross

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Precious Lord

Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Jesus On The Mainline

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 13, 2011.

One Response to “Get Right With God – Putting the Fun into Funeral”

  1. The Dirty Dozen track is my favourite New Orleans brass number.

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