Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns

Here’s some new old music from New Orleans for yer then. I would like to make out how they was named after a body of water but truth is in Louisiana it’d be Lake Meschiya on account of the french. Or Spanish. Or somethin’. Anyways it seems these guys are the absolute toast of Frenchman st and you can see how they would be a whole lotta fun to go see play, slowly getting full of vodka-tonic an making out like you was sophisticated and smokin’ cigareets and all that type deal. That’s before you know she used to be in the circus and can eat glass and bugs and fire dance. I don’t even know if she does that now but someone who can would put on a decent show right? Damn straight. As a happy coincidence she came up playing on Royal st just like Jeremy Lyons who we had around for coffee the other day. So to speak. Well anyways, this band the Little Big Horns has only been around a couple of years, this is their first record an it came out last year. It’s old style 20’s/30’s jazz they play and pretty faithful too. In the same kind of place as this band Randy took me to see the other weekend or CW Stoneking only without his weird storytelling thing he has going on, so if you like that kinda sound lissen up here. The cover is a pretty damn near perfect copy of a Bellocq photo from Storyville, (the one below dumbass). That attention to detail, recreating somethin near a hundred years old ain’t a bad way to think about the music they do either. Here’s a tune o’ their’s and a version of Gimme A Pigfoot, always a welcome thing at The Old Record Club.

Comes Love

Gimme A Pigfoot

Bellocq was a curious guy. Made a living photographing ships and business premises and such but went down to Storyville to take pictures of the whores as a hobby or something. A lot of them wear masks and in others he scratches out their faces. They are really great pictures, go find ’em on t’innerwebs – wiki on Bellocq

more about Meschiya Lake

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 16, 2011.

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