Watch Out, Here Comes Randy

Oh yeah, he ought to be here by show time but he’s travellin’ slow. After finding out he didn’t have no proper driving licence Randy is now headin’ down on a borrowed lawnmower. No foolin’ – that whole trailer is full of records and you know that’s heavy. To celebrate this epic journey and tonight’s entertainments here’s some road tunes, or something. I been sortin out some records for later on and here’s some I was thinkin’ of playing.  The Nashville Teens has gone in the box and has the advantage of bein’ a road song, as a bonus here’s Southern Culture’s version too. Ramblin’ Man is also a strong contender on account of it being Ramblin’ Steve’s birthday in a couple days Happy Birthday Steve!). Last up, the absolute, undisputed, undefeated heavyweight king of country when it comes to lawnmower ridin’ stories is George ‘no show’ Jones. Now he’s definitely gonna get played a time or two but I was thinkin’ about a duet and/or Eskimo Pie. Not strictly road numbers but what do you want? A load of versions of King Of The Road? Not today hombre.

Those of you can make it down later say hello, should be a good night.

Tobacco Road – Nashville Teens

Tobacco Road – Southern Culture On The Skids

Ramblin’ Man (live) – Waylon Jennings

Eskimo Pie – George Jones

Randy considers the roadkill

Them’s good eatin! He probably would as well but it’s the skull he’s after. weirdo.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 17, 2011.

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